You're out at dinner and a piece of pepperoni has decided to fall off the piece of pizza and onto your brand new white dress!

You've just spent an hour getting the little one looking cute for a lunch outing. As soon as you get there, he's managed to get chocolate fingers onto his outfit!

You've just arrived ten minutes early to the office with a coffee in hand, you take that first sip and somehow a drop of coffee has ended up on your blouse!

First date... Yep you spilled red wine on your white jeans.


Im sure all of us can relate to at least one of the above scenarios.

So we Messy Girl Co look to find a solution for these inconvenient situations, hygiene and keeping a Messy Girl clean..

In the above scenarios you'd either grab a tissue or wet wipe and try dab away the stain (nothing really ever works). Most of the time we just end up spreading the stain and making it worse, and by the time we get home the stain has already had time to soak into the fabric. The item then automatically goes to the back of the closet, or worse, thrown away.

We have formulated an on the go solution that quickly removes all stains and it fits inside your purse! 

Wear white with confidence :)